Koh Lanta

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Click here to jump to post. 12► After a 12 hour trip from Koh Tao we arrived at Koh Lanta, we had several transfers which exhausted us. We had dropped our stuff in the room and sat in the area outside to talk a bit with the owner Claudio, an Italian guy who moved to […]

Siem Reap – Koh Tao

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Click here to jump to post. After a 2,5 hour taxi ride with a crazy riding driver we arrived at O’smach were usually Thai people cross the border to Cambodia to gamble at the casinos in Cambodia, because it’s illegal to gamble in Thailand. After we got our departure stamps from Cambodia on the right […]

Chiang Mai

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Even though the city Chiang Mai is the second biggest city of Thailand the atmosphere is very cosy. The old town is square shaped and 1.5 km on each side, with a canal around it. Staying in the old town has a lot of advantages; almost all tourist attractions are on walking distance, hundreds of […]

Bangkok’s beauty and other stuff

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Bangkok is a very impressive city, super big, lots of traffic, beautiful temples and historic buildings and some weird beauty ideals. At day one in Bangkok we noticed already that a lot of women were wandering around with an umbrella, and it wasn’t raining. The next thing we noticed is that on every bit of […]

Week 1

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Our first week was quite hectic. First two nights in Bangkok in an amazing hotel, which was a gift from two friends. Then we went to Surin by night bus to drop the diabetic stock at a house in Kap Choeng (a village nearby the boarder with Cambodia). We stayed that night in Surin in a nice hotel […]