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After a 12 hour trip from Koh Tao we arrived at Koh Lanta, we had several transfers which exhausted us. We had dropped our stuff in the room and sat in the area outside to talk a bit with the owner Claudio, an Italian guy who moved to Koh Lanta for his Thai girl. With their Hostaria with 4 rooms and shared bathrooms they have their income set and they are doing their best to let you enjoy every moment at their place. In an email he had sent us before he wondered if we would be into a boat trip on second Christmas day. Unfortunately he said that we couldn’t do the trip then since people decided to cancel their stays and he had now a switch of rooms during second Christmas day, but if we were still in for something fun we would be able to go a day earlier on first Christmas day. So we were super happy that we still would be going. The next day on first chrsitmas day Claudio made us an amazing breakfast before we stepped into the back of the pick up to the harbour where a small boat was waiting for us. With 8 people in total we had the whole boat for ourselves and enjoyed the different Islands, fish, snorkelling and fish feeding, cave with opening and beach inside and the lunch during this day. At 5 pm we were back in the harbour and brought back to the hostel with the pick-up truck. It was a great day with lots of fun and a bit of sunburns.
That evening we decided to have dinner at a place we had heard of from other people. It was Christmas so something nice seemed a good idea. Unfortunately they only excepted people who had booked in advance, so we had to pick something else. Another restaurant across the street seemed nice too. While we had waited for over 30 min for someone to take our orders the waiter told us that the dish Michael wanted (and 75% of the rest of the menu) was not available due to a sick chef.
The third restaurant was available for us, we had good food and lots of fun.
On second Christmas day we chilled and relaxed the whole day, Michael tried to practice with his contacts for the diving we would do the next day. He just bought them and wanted to try it before we would go the next morning. After 3,5 hours with a lot of attempts and rest in between he finally had two contacts in his eyes. It seemed way harder for him than he thought it would be, touching your eyeball with a contact on your finger is not easy but it seemed impossible for him to do. The solution finally was that he kept his eye open while I put the contact in his eye. The rest of the day we relaxed read books wrote a bit of blog and had some food. That evening we tried the restaurant which was our first choice of the day before and we had an amazing 2nd Christmasday dinner.
The next morning the diveschool picked us up at 8.30 to go to one of the best dive sites in the world.
A boat trip of 2 hours brought us to Koh Ha, where you find colourful fish, amazing coral and underwater caves which you can discover while diving. It was an amazing day with two more dives which makes our total amount of dives 18! The ride back was very relaxed and we were dropped back to our hotels after we arrived at the office. That evening we had to move to a different place, we had booked a room at hostaria a while ago and only for 3 nights and now it was fully booked. Claudio had checked out a place together with Michael already 500 meters down the road. A nice bungalow with own bathroom near the beach. Which we spent the next 2 nights before moving to Kuala Lumpur!
The next day we relaxed, chilled on the beach and enjoyed the quietness for a bit more before going to a big city again. We booked our 22 hour bus trips to Kuala Lumpur and had to be at the office the next morning at 7.30 to step into the van.
We had to transfer minivans 3 times before we ended up at a place near the border at which we had to wait 4 hours before going into the big night bus which would bring us to Kuala Lumpur. While we were waiting we had some food, coffee and a one hour foot massage which prepared us for the trip. When we got in the super luxurious big seat busses where we were able to charge our phones in the usb port at each seat the bus drove us to the border. We had go through immigrations and customs and immigration again and we were in Malaysia!!! In 6 hours we would be in Kuala Lumpur so some more sleep would do the job and before we knew it the lights were waking us and we arrived in KL.

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One thought on “Koh Lanta

  1. De Koh Lanta tip was dus de juiste! Ik had gelezen dat je daar heel goed kon duiken en dat kwam uit.
    Hostaria is een perfecte keuze van jullie geweest. Het hoeft dus niet luxe om prachtige tijden te beleven.

    Xxxx M.

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