Kuala Lumpur (part 1)

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Since it was just 4.30 a.m. when we arrived at the bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur we had to wait for the first train to leave in the direction of the city centre. We searched for a spot on the floor and read a book and listened to some music. Around 5 people start to form a line in front of the still closed ticket booth, our train to the city centre would leave at 5.39 so we decided to stand in the queue as well. After we had bought the tickets we got to the train which led us to the city centre. We saw some people using a sort of OV chipikaart so we figured we needed one too, to avoid all the queues in front of the ticketing machines. When we arrived at the guesthouse, completely broken from the night bus we decided to take a shower and go into the city, the room wasn’t ready yet so to get over our tiredness we went to the central market and wandered around in china town and little India. When we went back to the guesthouse we were able to get into our room and got some rest. We had booked 3 nights in this place of which one was new years eve. We had made a sort of plan to watch the fireworks at a nice park near our hotel and thought that we would be good for at least one of the holidays we have in December, since we already messed up sinterklaas and Christmas a bit. The day after we arrived we went into some shopping malls around Kuala Lumpur and visited an escaperoom which was only €7 each. We saw the theme park with rollercoaster in the shopping mall as well but figured that it would be nice to visit when Michaels parents where coming in a few days. We shopped a nice dress for me got some food at a Mexican place which was ok but a bit overpriced. We discovered the area a bit and noticed that it was full of bars and clubs and right behind was the hotel Michael his parents had booked for all of us for the 3 nights that they would be in Kuala Lumpur. We decided to look for something else, free cancelation was still possible and there would be something better on a better location.
We went back to the hotel to change clothes and go to the location of the fireworks. We arrived there around 23.20 and we noticed already that a lot of Muslims were going to the same place, nothing weird we thought since Islam is the main religion in Malaysia but when we walked into the park a women attended us that this was a muslim party. I think my backless dress was not really appreciated and she gave us tips where to go for the fireworks. We took a taxi to KLCC park and noticed when we approached that it was super busy down there, a traffic jam made us to get out of the car 500 meters before the park so we would be on time for the fireworks. We searched for a spot to sit around the petronas towers and a small patch on the sidewalk was still available for us. Not really what we imagined from new years eve but at least we were on time. When it was 12 o’clock people started cheering out of the blue, no count down and then we heard the fireworks…. We couldn’t see it since everything was behind the towers, we ran with over 1000 other people around the towers to get a glimpse of the fireworks. In a small alley which was packed of people we could see something of it. At 00.10 it was over, everybody started to walk out of the park and that was it. We decided to walk back home since getting a taxi was impossible. A nice night walk brought us back to the quite lanes around the hotel.
Back in the hotel we made a skype call with my parents and talked about how weird it was that we were already in 2016 while they were still in 2015, we advised them to come as well since 2016 seemed pretty nice from the few hours we experienced so far.
The next morning we slept until it was noon, we decided to write some blog, chill a bit and go to the bus terminal to get tickets to the Camron Highlands for the next day. We had some nice Indian food and went to bed the next day we had to be at the bus station at 8:30 for our bus to the Camron Highlands.

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2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur (part 1)

  1. Voor vuurwerk moet je dus in Amsterdam zijn! Maar als dat het enige is dat wat minder was…
    Een kniesoor die daar over valt..

    Xxxx M.

  2. Nou ja, het vuurwerk van de Erasmusbrug moet je ook niet vergeten. Jullie zijn bij dezen hartelijk uitgenodigd voor het volgende vuurwerk: wereldhaven dagen en nieuwjaar! Wat een rustig gevoel dat jullie weer thuis zijn. Heel veel sterkte gewenst bij ‘t aanpassen aan de
    “nieuwe “omgeving en ander tempo van leven. Welkom thuis!

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