Lazy Beach

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The next morning after we had breakfast we dropped our bags at the lazy beach office and wrote our personal data down on a form and were good to go. We had still some time left tough before the boat left so we bought some fruits and water for on the way. When we arrived at the boat dock there were a lot of people waiting for some boats to go to Koh Rong, the other more popular island around Sihanoukville. Our boat was not to be seen yet. After a while the boat docked and after they loaded it full with food and our backs we could step on board. A 2 hour drive, which was very wavy (luckily I took a traveller sickness pill) we arrived at the beach of lazy beach. A welcoming and relaxed vibe greeted us. We had our lime juice welcome drink and got the key of bungalow number 4. A very large bungalow with 2 double beds, a seating area, 2 hammocks and a bathroom was welcoming us. The next 3 days were all about eating, swimming, snorkelling, reading, sleeping, no internet and seeing bioluminescence (plankton that lights up in the dark when you move it around). Unfortunately I had food poisoning on the first day, luckily the duration of the sickness was only 2 hours. When it was all out I felt completely ok again. We had an amazing relaxed time and it was over before we knew it.






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2 thoughts on “Lazy Beach

  1. Heerlijk, een eigen bed voor je tas! Als wij zo’n kamer hadden dan was het binnen, nou, innoveer 1.5 minuut, een complete chaos can spullen hahahhaa! Bij jullie ook? Leuke verhalen en geniet er nog van!

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